Ryan Webster and I have been making Rootamental Skateboards and celebrating skateboarding on the Central Coast since 1993. The skateboards we’ve offered here in SLO are designed to surf the earth. They provide enjoyment for all levels from the first timer to the veteran.

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PROFILE: Scott Kam

me at 40My name is Scott Kam, I have been making skateboards and graphic communications (fun) for more years of my life than I haven’t. I do it, not to get rich, only to thrive. I’ve done it for the good of my community and their well being. I’m a 19 year old (in heart) designer currently located in San Luis Obispo, CA. I work on quality functional identity graphic communication and product projects.

I was born in Ventura, California and I am the 3rd generation born in tri-counties / 805 area. I grew up on the beaches of Ventura up to San Luis Obispo Counties. I started studying design in art and shop classes in middle school a lifetime ago. I have since 1993 lived and worked/studied in San Luis Obispo, CA.


One of my main ongoing interests is considering the visual aspect of words and language — its relation to the content, nuances of speech and meaning, impact on communication, perception by different people and cultures… I very much believe in the importance of a concept-driven approach and design that is highly indicative of its subject to assure welcoming and effective graphic communication. I love functional and subtle design that also has warmth, a strong sense of personality and an enduring quality with attention to detail. Want to know more about our creative design/website process.


I love exploring the symbolism and iconography within many different disciplines. One of my favorite things is sketching our concepts, anything from rough doodles and spontaneous experimentation to hand lettering and sign painting. I use tumblr and pintrest to organize inspirations from what is in my heart and mind.

PROJECTSRSIGNSforchange 275x213

Rootamental is painting SIGNS for CHANGE helping our community: organizations, rallies, non-profits, and beneficial businesses.

With the best of our abilities, we work to surf the earth’s funnest warm water waves and create graphic communications to build those communities mutually making our lives better towards a thriving future.

Love, Respect, & Gratitude.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. My big brother bought a board from you before you went big stills working his name is Jeff

  2. Nice to see this stuff on D. Miller.. no-fluff Vta surfer.

    Vanderwyk and *Alary* too- those really were the days-

  3. Best small-wave cutback I’ve ever seen was John Drury at Oil Piers-
    almost couldn’t believe what I saw. Paul Alary was the best in small
    surf [when he was still riding single-fin swallowtails], though; and by *a long* way.

    What times; then Davey was a whole nother, more powerful deal..

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