This is our friend, Chad “Kaimanu” Jackson, talkin bout the different materials he is using today, for a better, cleaner Earth tomorrow. sorry for the intro commercial.×240&apv=doubleclick
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Just so you know CHAD is the MOST respected Charger on the Central Coast.

Even before Sean Penn graced the screens in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as Jeff Spicoli, the zorbed-out beach bum, the public’s perception of surfers has been that of stoned, out of touch, out of reach degenerates. In many respects, this view had its merits. The 1960’s and 70’s were a time of experimentation and drug use, and surfers, with their free lifestyles and unique personalities, were no exception. Many surfers of the era, including such big names as Michael Peterson and Cheyne Horan, have admitted to being heavily doped up even at the peak of their career.
It was Spicoli, however, who cemented the stoned out, surf bum image into that of the popular imagination. Since then, most depictions of surfers in the media have been that of ripped space cadets on a search for munchies, glossy-eyed numbskulls whose primary function is to provide comic relief. Such stereotypes have negatively affected hopes for the legitimization of surfing.
You know what I say? I say that surfers should embrace the Cannabis connection. After all, these days “Green” is in, and companies of every sort are scrambling to incorporate any kind of eco-friendly components into their products. A handful of large surf companies have integrated eco-friendly aspects into their marketing campaign (think board shorts made from recycled bottles, etc.), and the rest of the industry has taken notice.
Like all fads and crazes, this environmental push started with dedicated individuals whose motives reflect a deep concern for the preservation of the Earth, not a desire to keep up with the latest movements. For these environmentalists, while this shift to eco-consciousness has been long overdue, it allows them to bring their product to the mainstream.
Meet Chad Jackson of Los Osos, California: a surfer/shaper who aims to advocate awareness with his eco-friendly hemp surfboards. Along with his shaping, Jackson is an experienced waterman, and he swears by his hemp boards in all conditions, from 2′ to 20′. I recently caught up with Chad Jackson in his shaping room in Los Osos to discuss his love for nature, sources of inspiration, and where he plans to take his hemp-based surfboard revolution.
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