Happy "LB" Day

Happy “Larry Bertlemann” Day (August 7th)
This is a Birthday tribute to The Rootamental Godfather of Progressive Surfing / Skating. From the 1970s he was the most aggressive and innovative surfer / skater. He historically inspired the modern surf and skate Kultures.

As a grom and to this day, I have looked to Larry for inspiration. I’ve learned many things about Surfing, skateboarding, and philosophy from him (see video below).

He is a primary role model for our Rootamental Kult.

Have you seen a surfer put his hand into the wave while riding and then completely change direction, aka roundhouse cutback, aka “Bertlemann”. He taught us this on waves and on land.

I recently read about Larry “LB Inspires all to skate like you surf and surf like you skate!”

The Ultimate lessons he has taught us is to Surf the Earth and Style via Necessity. Create your own line by way of what comes natural to you.

This short video gives you his insight and style:

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