Surf Localism

Good or Bad?

The solution is
((Communication and Democracy))
Peace, Love, and Freedom with respect to Community Etiquette “RULES” for all.

There is Surf Etiquette “RULES” {see SURFERS CODE} and there needs to be LOCALS who CARE for the surf spot and self-enforce the RULES for the benefit of all.

What Qualifies someone as a Local?
{Definition is in Development}
A Local Surfer is someone who is accountable for the Rules, Cares and Surfs the Spot for approx. 10 years. Then no one is more Local.

1.) Everyone who surfs knows and should Respect the “RULES”.

2.) To Care for a spot is to keep it natural, healthy, safe and enjoyable for other Locals and their guests.

3.) A Local surfer should be able to ride 8 out of 12 waves he/she paddles for.

For an even DEEPER understanding of “Surfing rules and surfing right of way” I borrowed this from “Alba’s Surf Club: surf rules understanding”

* One of the most important things to learn as a beginner surfer is how to stay out of the way of other surfers.
* Understand that the surfer closest to the breaking wave has the right-of-way and you will need to pull off if necessary even if you have caught the wave already.
* Remember that if you’re in the water and a surfer is riding a wave towards you, either paddle for the open shoulder of the wave so that the riding surfer passes well behind you or paddle into the already broken wave so that the rider passes in front of you.
* Note that if you’re sharing a wave with another surfer and the wave starts to break on the far side of the other surfer, he or she has the right-of-way and you must concede the wave.
* Understand that if the wave peaks and breaks between the two of you, you can both ride the same wave because you will turn away from each other as you each head toward an unbroken shoulder of the wave.
* Avoid surfing in crowds until you can catch a wave, stand up and keep control of your board.
* Never surf in designated swimming areas where you may hurt swimmers.
* One of the best ways to earn respect when you are learning is to stay out of the way of the experienced and local surfers.
* When you are surfing, try going left and right on the waves. If you only go one way, you may get into the habit of not looking the other way and cut other surfers off. It’s also hard to gain respect when you only have one dimensional surfing.
* Never get into the water and expect to catch the first wave that comes if there are locals waiting for longer than you, concede them the first waves so you make friends instead of enemies.

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