2009 Halloween SK8 JAM – October 23-26

4th annual Halloween SK8 JAM went off this year, we had about 20 competitors about 40 people total skating at Toyland, The bands rocked the day and into the night… what a weekend !!!!

1st event was hosted by Nectar Ales & Rootamental.
11pm Friday night, the Outlaw Garage Race began with 15 riders in 4 man heats.

The race was a busted by the police, but in the true nature of outlaw races the race continued at another parking garage.

Top 4 racers:
#1 Jonny Miller
#2 Trevor
#3 Mike Kresky
#4 Jay Lapalm.

Sat, at 2pm the old school jam 11 riders in the jam, with 3 1 min runs to complete a grind, air, plexy glass wall ride, best old school trick on the big wall,and best all around 4 riders.

#1 Brad Edwards
#2 Mike Kresky
#3 Jesse Parker /Tim Oats.
#4 Billy Wahl/Sergio Yuppi.

5 pm the free stlye jam,11 riders played on the new poured concrete slab @ Toyland

#1 Killian(sk8 kings)
#2 Sergio Yuppi(Gravity)
#3 Billy Wahl(skaterbuilt)
#4Jonny Miller(Toyland)/Mark Hollender

The last event on Sat, Death race. 7 pm timed runs in Toyland, with 7 cones, 1 cone DQ.

#1 Ryan Rickter
#2 Brad Ewards/Jessie parker tied
#3 Billy Wahl
#4 Mike Kresky

Sat night bands , and a free jam late into ther night.

Sunday at 11am the Sk8er Cross
#1 Ryan Rickter
#2 Brad edwards
#3 Billy Wahl,
#4 Mike Kresky

Then the Hybrid race:
#1 The Brown Bomber 16.40
#2 Jonny Miller 16.57
#3 place Billy Wahl 16.74
#4 place Ryan Rickter 17.08

Then the Revenge Challenge

#1 Sergio Yuppi
#2 Brad Edwards
#3 Ryan Rickter
#4 Billy Wahl


The winners of the weekend.

#1 Ryan Rickter
#2 Brad Edwards
#3 Jonny Miller
#4 Billy Wahl

Thanks to all,,, had a blast skaten with all my bros, what a weekend, so much to say, thanks to all the sponsers for your support:

Bull Dog Skates
Sk8 Kings
Dead Dog Shorts
Hot Chilleys
Skateboard Warehouse
Kanoa Flyaway
Jungleland Skates
Powell Peralta
Abec 11
Red Nectar
Central Coast Surf
Central Coast sk8 school,
Hot Chilleys
Banshee Bungee
Chris Yandall

and any I might forget…..more images at outlawranchproductions

Central Coasts 4th annual Halloween sk8 jam,this year we are trying a full scale grass roots outlaw.3 days of skating, 5 different types of events.

Friday night parking garage outlaw(late night).
Sat,TOYLAND sk8 contest,with freestyle,old school bank tricks,best air, best run,ect..
Then, with a Timed death race around Toyland, Then it’s the LIVE BANDS into the night.
Sunday,cone racing, with duel ramps,even a new launch ramp with a little skater cross in the course.
Contact Miller for your R.S.V.P. or call

The Central Coasts most precious ditches lurking in the bushes.
Kryptos is the second best ditch that the Central Coast has to offer.
This spot is a classic and has 3 sections for skating.

The first section beyond the barbed wire cow fence is (of course) off limits due to the fact that it is on private property and the owners aren’t into it. Skate it and your guaranteed a lecture from the locals maybe worse.
It does wields some of the smoothest transitions ever!
It’s very private and there’s a parking block at the very end where you begin your run.

The obstacles in the first section are mostly brush and such. We went to work on it: swept and moved shit aside to make that end more flowable into the second section.

The second section, the main section has higher transitions that begin broad and tall and eventually shrink smaller and steeper with rails and blocks to grind on along the way.
There’s a hefty rail at the beginning, (just past the cow fence) some blocks in between, and a 20 foot rail at the end that ends just before going through the underpass and moving on to the third section.

The third section, the original section, is steep and gritty and is usually unkempt most of the time. It’s actually also the most visible part of all Kryptos.(not to mention most challenging.)

I was surprised to see that the locals cleaned it out and started rockin it. All in all theres so much to do here and you can skate this spot for hours.

Central California is a key area for underground board culture and wields

some of the most soulful riders in the whole board riding community.
We want to introduce you to a Hardy Little Skate Spot its a small ditch snake run that morphs into a half pipe.
In some of these shots theirs water in the ditch but don’t let that discourage you.
The park sprinklers always go on in the morning and the ditch is usually dry by the afternoon.
I’ve never really been hassled by the local authorities or parks and recreation folk alike.

What’s cool about this spot is that the transitions are small and broad.

There’s one entry way by the guard rail by the park entrance and another entry

at a halfway mark where the ditch seems to end and the snake run begins.

There’s also asphalt curbs on the side of the ditch closest to the street

and by the guard rail there’s steps leading into the park itself followed by a walkway.

Two mentionable obstacles in the ditch would be the drainage tubes. 2 are located by the guard rail and 1 by the halfway point next to the second entry way.

I enjoy skating this ditch cause you can have the best of both worlds.

You can carve as well as attempt street tricks and when down hilling from the freeway off ramp

this ditch is an entirely different spot.

It’s multi use for different styles is what makes this spot

a gem in our Central Coast tiara of SK8 Spots.

The raddest thing about Thrifty’s is the transitions and the fact that the ditch itself not only flows downwards but that it has a triple dip. Unfortunatly, only 2 are still intact.

The first dip is at the “chute” at the end of the ditch. Quick thinking and balance are key here but the rides are long and tall. You can roll straight ahead or roll up a transition.
It’s ill to roll up a 3 foot transition and then roll down into a 5 foot one only to get to the other side and grind.

The second dip is a doozy it could be fun but there is so much trash and dirt. If your charged down it, you would just crash into a mound of dirt and trash. (needs to be picked up)
There is a lot of skateablity to be had if only the rim dirt and bushes were cut back and dirt taken out.

Arriving to that lower level there’s more transition and a couple zones to drop in on. This is were most of the sessions happen, but there is so much more to this spot with a little imagination and a tuff crew to manage it.

The third transition is in rubble.
Legend has it that it buckled during El Nino and bottomed out.
You see some blocks of yore and structure dismantled and long gone but
beyond that there is even more transition!

The whole spot needs to have a major clean-up to bring it back to the glory it once was. I have a friend that skated it in the 70s. I will ask him for a story to include here.


It’s nice and long, slowly easing off to the right a bit, and looking like a large sidewalk with small transitions on both side.

The banks are around 2 feet and rise above the dirt surface that surrounds it,
a choice set up for grindage….If only all sidewalks were built like this.

Built To Grind

How Many Times Can You Grind It?

Look no further cause this spot in SLO County has it all: tall and fast & challenging? This ditch is one that the locals seem to keep on resurrecting due to the fact that the authorities keep in rebaring it to prevent folks from “having at it”.

The banks of the ditch range around 8 to 10 feet and the whole thing looks like a half pool.

Above the larger banks is what looks like a cement mini half pipe.

You can start on that and delve into the larger portion.
Dropping in is easy but again it’s a spot built for speed.

One thing is for certain: keep keen on your runs cause theres traces of lil rebar nubs due to previous rebar extractions. Those nubs can cause some serious “hang ups”.

The beautiful thing about this ditch is the privacy and the freedom.
Once you get the hang of its unique terrain you pretty much can ride all over it.

There’s a smaller spot around the corner but has been neglected by riders cause it’s more viewable to the public and gets to be a crampy ride but is the best for a midnight mag light sesh…

The Funnel AKA The FlyTrap
East SLO County, possibly the oldest skate spot, lies The Funnel AKA The FlyTrap {renamed by the crew who revamped (cleaned, concreted, added coping and blocks) and brought new life to it}

This spot has been choice since the early 70’s it was known as The Funnel, for obvious reasons, is isolated in the middle of nature.

Known now as The Fly Trap it is a long a drainage ditch that begins with a bombing hill roll in with a wide mouth that gradually narrows the further down you ride into noman’s, unskateable, zone.
Loose your board into “The Trap” and there is no stopping it from going all the way down to the bitter end. At the mouth their are plenty of choice cement blocks folks have quick created in as well as rails.

There are plenty of p.o.e.’s (point of entries) to choose from weather you may be goofy or not all along the sides of it’s 4 1/2 foot banks and you can begin a run almost anywhere. If you aren’t a huge fan of speed (going fast for all you jokers) you might not favor this spot, but for the fact that it’s all downhill you really don’t have to kick at all if you know how to manage your ride.

As The Funnel narrows the obstacles get more of a challenge due to the speed ratio.
How many obstacles can I hit or how long and hard can I hit them?

It’s well worth the drive getting out there and the longer you sesh it the more it becomes worth your while.
Get warmed up and get it!

The locals don’t dig on graffiti and trash so if you go out there

with some brews and munchies don’t forget the garbage bag to pack out your trash…



This dirty.

One of San Luis Obispo’s few “considered” ditches. During the dry season
its a scrappy home for local veterans and groms alike.
This underpass has some of the steepest banks for wall riding and a cemented quarter pipe for your skateboarding pleasure.

In the center there’s a cemented hip for a little skip to the other side. Once there you can see the rubbled remains of another once flourishing cement quarter pipe.

The bottom of the underpass is like a wide courtyard and you can often find objects lying around to make street obstacles with for street tricks or just enjoy the spaciousness of it.

Watch for glass and irritated bums.

Bring a treat just in case the bums get active and have fun with the groms cause they own it!


Sandness Skatepark in Norway‏
Here are some photos of a public skatepark I came across on my visit to Norway. This park is right by the train station so if you’re waiting for a train you can get your fix as well. 😉

Notice how it seems to be one concrete mold for the quarter pipes and there is steel coping for some serious grindage.

There is also some blocks and such goin on for street folk.
It seems that their style is based around new school street cause I have yet to see a pool or flow “Bank” based park in this country.

I’m returning to Norway in December, so I’ll scout it out some more then. Theirs gotta be some poolage to balance it all out. Scopes, James

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