Bethany Hamilton Talks About Her New Movie

Bethany’s story has been mainstream for quite some time now budding phenom gets attacked by shark, loses arm, and makes a come back, a story so riveting and inspirational that it yanks the tears straight from your eyes. How could Hollywood not want a part of this? According to a recent interview with Bethany, the idea for the film came about, “…three years ago and we were all talking at lunch and the topic just came up. From there we talked with some people to see about making it happen. I didn’t really think it would ever really happen and it didn’t seem real until about six months ago when everything came together and we got ready to start shooting.”

Despite having one arm, Bethany has proven herself one of the most dominant female figures in the sport. And when the time came to pick an actress to represent Bethany, she had someone in mind that she had held in esteem. Anna Sophia Robb, who played a lead role in the film Bridge to Teribethia, would be bast to play Bethany. It was a move that sat well and proved that, perhaps, Robb might have a future in the water.

“Shes actually really cool and we’ve become really good friends,” sad Bethany about Robb. “I actually saw her in a movie a while back, Bridge to Teribethia, and my mom said to me, ‘You know, I bet she could play you in the movie.’ I
just sort of laughed but she randomly wound up getting the part. But like I said, were both good friends and share a lot in common. Shes actually a really talented surfer naturally. I took her to my surf coach on Kauai, Russell Lewis, and he got her in the water and taught her how to surf and shes pretty good. I think if she didnt have the time constraints and everything with the movie that she could be a really good surfer.”

Ever a surfer, Bethany’s stated that the last thing she wants this movie to do is to look unauthentic.

“Im basically down there on the set most days talking with everyone and making sure everything is going well. When the film goes in to get edited, were gonna make sure that theres a surfer in there getting everything right. Its important to me that its done right.”

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