Bones Brigade

If you ever skated you must check out this

Gelfand, McGill, Peralta, Powell, Barbee, Mountain, Steadham
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Lance- recognizing something on the wall…of Rad Skateboarding equipment.

“Stoking! I had an epic pool day with Peter & then I went to work. I am going to sleep a few hours– if I can– and then meet up with Lance. We are going to the set in Van Nuys & I get the privilege of sitting in on some of the interviews for the Bones Brigade film that Stacy Peralta is working on. I am excited. I will write up a post & I am going to shoot some images. Saturday is going to be amazing as well. Tony Alva is hosting an art show which I’ve been invited to. I am going to stop by with Ray Zimmerman & we will write up a post together to let you know how it went.” Skate- Ozzie

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