Vince Felix

Rootamentalist and my bro, Vince Felix, is back on board.

Vince wont tell you how Rad he is so I will. Vince, excells at everything Rootamental: Surfing, Skateboarding, and Art. He has a creative mind and can bring his ideas to reality. He is a radical athletic and artistic bad ass Venturan from the coastal town of Ventura, California.

History: Vince was riding his motorcycle on PCH when he was slammed by a car crippling him from doing what he does best~shreding any board he gets on.

Case in point ~ see radical bottom turn pic to the left. This photo, circa 2005, is recently published in central coast chronicals. It was taken before his life changing accident. Prevented from surfing all boards he has been shreding with his pin striping art.
(See Collaboration decks by clicking title link)

These are Rootamental x Vince Felix works in progress. They will be completed with parts tentatively sourced, colored, and assembled by Vince himself to be Shred ready or Wall mounted.

More TBA

This is a preview of the decks at the delightedly received, mind blowing coming out of The Meadow at Sacred Craft months back. If you missed these beauties in person look’em up.

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