Rapping with Surfrider CEO Jim Moriarty

International Surf Day ~ thought I would cover the Raddest surfrider in the world…

Moriarty, hidden in plane view.
Exerpt By Scott Hulet

SH~ Surfrider’s 80-plus chapters are the picture of grass-roots power on the hoof. If you could rally all of the chapters and all of Surfrider’s substantial resources for one year, and commit to one single effort, what would it be?
JM~ The single largest issue that our chapters are facing in local areas is plastics. We have a large focus on wave preservation, beach access, water quality, etc., and in any given place each of those have differing values of local importance. For example if you live in Maine the number one issue is beach access because more than 80 percent of the coast is private … you can’t get to the beach or waves. The issue facing ALL communities is the plastic we’re letting go down our storm drains and into our lineups, oceans and beaches.

SH~ Leave us with a simple way for surfers to improve their spot.
JM~ It’s been suggested that the new localism is to “own” your local beach. That is, stand up when it’s under threat, clean it up when it’s dirty, and show up when you’re asked to. This isn’t complex. Next time you paddle out, pick up a few pieces of trash. That one or two pieces are literally one or two pieces that won’t be floating around the ocean and probably killing fish and birds. Start there. Be a real local, “own” your local beach.

Full Story or go to the source ~ surfrider

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