No More Tube?

The SLO Parks and Recs along with RRM and Wormhoudt have secretly decided to remove our skate community designed tube. See it here…

They said, “the small wave pipe structure had several safety issues that could not be resolved in a practical cost efficient way.” Specifically, “the primary safety issues included:
·         The low height of pipe and the potential for skaters to hit their head entering the structure.
·         The vertical change in elevation and potential for falling from the upper deck to the lower deck at then ends (openings) of the pipe structure.”

More Images and my Response 

This is my response:

My name is Scott Kam, I have been making skateboards (FUN) for more years of my life than I haven’t. I do it, not to get rich or even for an honest living. I did it for the good of my community and their well being.

We have been stoking people and celebrating skateboarding in SLO since 1993. Our goal since 1994 is to provide (ECO) Earth Concerned Options, like skateboarding and to promote a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. We do this with our skateboard designs, products, and community activism. The skateboards we’ve offered here in SLO are designed to surf the earth. They provide enjoyment for all levels from the first timer to the veteran.

With this said I need to address “The tube is now a wave”. If you have surfed, the origin of skateboarding, you know how incredible and mind blowing getting tubed is. Mater of fact, you don’t even need to have surfed, see Tarp Surfing craze. I have personally experienced it with all ages and whole families: kids with both parents. They are loving it. This universal joy is the motivation for all our efforts.

We all know skateboarding is acknowledged as a dangerous activity. The unpredictability and riding challenges is what makes it fun and exciting. So, by definition these “Primary Safety Issues” are good for a potentially fulfilling skateboarding experience.

I believe I was at every public skatepark design meeting and it is my understanding we decided on specific design criteria (materials etc.) of which 30% would be street, 30% flow bowls and transitions, and 30+% would be unique features. And that it is the job of Wormhoudt and RRM to bring it to life, for our community. We even agreed to raise funds to pay for our collective design.

A tube (full pipe) is not a new idea it has been done many times before (both intentionally and unintentially for drainage) but never designed like this fun feature. Getting tubed will never have been so accessible and safer. It doesn’t move! I appreciate the Parks and Recs Staff, but I am concerned they may lack understanding of how fun getting tube is.

To address all the negative feedback: First, consider the source and their motivation. Second, were they part of our Community workshops which were thorough, democratic, and very successful. Everyone got some of what they wanted.


The whole point of the tube is to have a Novelty skateable fun feature for all levels. A peaking oververt wave wall is not accessible to very many riders..
At the risk of alienating myself as a hopeful do-gooder, I have composed this letter from my heart, for my surf/skate community.
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