Rootamental is proud to provide business administration, bookkeeping, and reporting services for small to medium enterprises, and non-profit organizations focused on thriving beyond the financial bottom line.2_proadvisor_online

We work closely with our clients, delivering bookkeeping services and tailored business advice. We harness the power of efficient online technologies and software, based on a foundation of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and traditional bookkeeping. Once these systems and reporting practices are in place, we help our clients stay agile and adapt to changing circumstances through fostering an approach to doing business that encourages resilience and continuous improvement.

Part of being a successful enterprise is knowing the ‘true cost’ of your operations and having access to vital information when you need it. We ensure our clients have systems in place so they have the time to commit to responsible decision-making, idea generation and growth strategies. Rootamental can help make all this work for you and assist you to deliver the social, environmental and financial outcomes which underpin a sustainable world.

Bookkeeping Services

Business Administration

  • Organization System (Income & Expenses)
  • Bill Pay System (Pay bills online and issue checks)
  • Deposit(s) System (Electronic deposit)
  • Filing System (Chronological Vendor specific files)
  • Mail Service ( Weekly mail day: Filter it, Report to client, Deposit $ & Pay bills, File it)

Bookkeeping (Business Admin required)

7-10 days to build bookkeeping product (Mail – Books – Reports)

  • Bookkeeping System: Set-up/Adjustments (Tax Schedules/Reports)
  • Monthly Account(s) Reconciliation with Report
  • Monthly Account(s) Financial Statement Reports
  • Quarterly Account(s) Reconciliation
  • Quarterly Account(s) Financial Statement Reports
  • Yearly Account(s) Reconciliation
  • Yearly Account(s) Financial Statement Reports

If you don’t reconcile all your accounts you can’t report your business finances correctly with all the information you need to run a successful business; keeping more of what you make and maximizing the ultimate potential.

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll Processing
  • Monthly Presentation of Financial Warming Signs (Revenue and Expense Trends plus Monthly Performance %)
  • Quarterly Presentation of Financial Warming Signs (Revenue and Expense Trends plus Quarterly Performance %)
  • Yearly Presentation of Financial Warming Signs (Revenue and Expense Trends plus Year-to-Date Performance %)
  • Prepare Financial Statements for a Loan
  • Produce Financials necessary for Tax Preparation
  • File Quarterly Sales Tax
  • File Quarterly Payroll Tax
  • File Yearly 1096 with 1099s

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