Skateboard Kings

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Davey Miller

We look to the brightest standouts around us to show us the path… Rootamental is a: SURFtheEARTH & ARTcreatesLIFE lifestyle. We get inspiration from renaissance multi-talented people (surfers in water and on land combined with creating provoking artwork and music). The biggest stars present in the 70’s were Richard Vanderwyk, Davey Miller, Steve Manahan and John Drury.

About Davey


As told by Davey, “When I was a little kid, I was an artist before I ever started surfing. I was a natural drummer and singer. When I started surfing, I just quit everything. It was like tunnel vision. From about 1969-1998 I didn’t think about anything else. All my time was spent visualizing about surfing, and the inspriations that I originally had still stick with me today: Terry Fitzgerald, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Gerry Lopez, Bruce Raymond-the legend, Michael Peterson, Reno Abellira, and especially Michael Ho. Michael in the single-fin days…he’s great now, but on a single fin…just something else. That is my whole school. I think my approach in surfing reflects that.”

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surftheearthSurfing on Land or Water.

Motivating images of Rootamental Inspiration.

Revert to Bert

Gotta give the BertMann the greatest respect. Larry Bertlemann is the roots…Rootamental!

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10 yrs ago

Skateboarding Across America 2003 – On Board For Lowe Syndrome
This is a video made by Scott Kam about our skateboard crossing of America in 2003

Find more videos like this on Skateboarder’s Journal

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Ocean Frontiers

Come enjoy the film OCEAN FRONTIERS at the SLO Grange
Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 07:15am – 09:30pm
by  bobbanner

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The King of Pavones

satellite_mapThe King of Pavones is the remarkable story of the innovative & entrepreneurial Danny Mack, and how he carved out of the jungle of Costa Rica the world famous surf break of Pavones. Through Dannys own film footage & stills this film chronicles his journey of building his own Shangra-la, The King of Pavones weaves together 8mm and 16mm archival home movies from the late 1970s with current interviews with surf legends like: Rory Russell, Buttons, Mike Hynson, Fast Eddie Rothman and Joey Cabell to create an intimate look into the life of one of surfings earliest mavericks.

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