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Signage is the most powerful tool available to small business and retailers today. It is the silent salesperson who sells more products and provides more service than any of your salespeople. For customers, it is the part of a small business they take for granted — until the signs are missing. Consider your own experience, how many times a day do you use signs in your life? I challenge you to count today and you will be amazed.  Continue reading

Bringing it Home

Hemp-50000-Uses-and-Benefits-768x1024Hemp is a misunderstood plant with compelling benefits for healthy homes, food, farmers, job creation and our environment. Industrial hemp is non-psychoactive and grown in over thirty other nations but currently U.S. farmers are prohibited from this economic opportunity. BRINGING IT HOME’s filmmakers Linda Booker and Blaire Johnson animate hemp’s history and introduce us to business owners using industrial hemp for construction, textiles, nutrition, and body care products in the United States and around the globe. BRINGING IT HOME explores “Why aren’t we growing it here?” and the latest effort by advocates to legalize hemp farming in America. Learn more, support, sign up for news at
Watch it NOW through July  3 – 11th

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Left to right: Otis, Sy, Grayson, & Jayce

Left to right: Otis, Sy, Grayson, & Jayce

This is the main reason why I keep making skateboards; the future generations. This Cayucos gang has rode there Mini Kroozers down. Thanks to Brandon Headland and family for keeping them rolling all these years.


Jack-Eidt-Condor-Cave am inspired by the Keystone beings like the Condor. From Wikipedia “The California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) is a New World vulture, the largest North American land bird. This condor became extinct in the wild in 1987 (all remaining wild individuals were captured), but the species has been reintroduced to northern Arizona and southern Utah (including the Grand Canyon area and Zion National Park), the coastal mountains of central and southern California, and northern Baja California. Although other fossil members are known, it is the only surviving member of the genus Gymnogyps.”

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Sout Pa’a

Rootamental’s San Luis Obispo Skate Products “SLO SK8 PRO” is humbled, grateful and proud that the most amazing Sign Artist around hand painted a SLO Deck to help us raise FUNds for community SK8NITE events we are planning.


Southpaw Sign Comapny’s “SOUT PA’A” Sean Beauchamp

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So stoked to know amazing sign painters who are generous to offer their skills and talent to raise money for our San Luis Obispo skateboarding community. The proceeds from this SLO deck will go towards a fun SK8NITE event at our new SLO SK8 PRK.
This guy can make just about any kind of sign. We have a saying “Eric’d” (there is even a sign to the left of his head). The guy is so knowledgable about all materials that when he does something he does it complexly and blows your mind. Check out his pinstripping… hence it got Eric’d.


This is famous Eric Malicoat he grew up in a sign shop and used one shot as his first finger paint. This guy is a wealth of knowledge and he is gracious to share it all.

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Rootamental is continuing to contribute to our community and stoke people with SK8 NITE as a positive and healthy event. To get SK8 NITE rolling I asked some artists friends to hand paint an original “San Luis Obispo” deck to sell and raise funds to make SK8 NITE even more Rad by: getting people rollin, stickers, tees, music/movies and snacks maybe even bribe some pros to come skate with us. Contribute to those that support you and your community. Ultimately, we would love for our community to simply come out and have FUN skateboarding with us. 2015-02-17 21.01.36 Continue reading