IMG_20150601_113338_854Do you have great neighbors?

Sometimes when I need help, we all do at some point, it is wonderful to have supportive neighbors. My neighbor always helps me recently he helped me a with our community library. I wanted to give back so I made him business cards. 

Jeffrey Hurt Construction prides itself, with fine finishing, in a hand made way. So I went to a 1800’s letterpress to make him cards with a historical hand made technique. Rootamental!

Check out the Shakespeare Press Museum

The SPM is a working collection of Gold Rush-era printing equipment. It contains rare letterpress equipment, over 500 fonts of handset type, and a variety of printing papers. The primary function of the museum is to serve as a repository for printing equipment that was used between 1850 and 1920 in California.  Our collections include many different types of printing presses, many different fonts of type, and additional equipment and tools that are necessary to staff a printing office.

What exactly is letterpress printing?
Thank YousLetterpress printing is a form of relief printing, in which a reversed and raised surface of text and image is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper using a printing press (think of a giant self-inking stamp).  Letterpress printing is one of the oldest forms of printing, popularized by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid-fifteenth century.  Between the 1450s and the 1950s letterpress printing was the primary way text and images were reproduced for books, newspapers, and all printed matter.  In the later half of the twentieth century different printing processes, most notably offset lithography, replaced most letterpress printing.  Now, in the twenty-first century, letterpress printing persists among printing enthusiasts, artists’ bookmakers, stationers, and other aficionados of the industry.  We’ve put together a list of videos showcasing letterpress printing if you would like to see printing presses in action.  You might also check out our flickr page to see more images of the museum and our work.

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