R o o t a m e n t a l

FUNdamentally, we are a local, grassroots skateboard business.

The focus of our skateboards is to offer a FUN and FUNctional ride. We believe every able person should ride one for health, spirit, and over all well-being.

Our distinct, inimitable products are exclusively distributed to shops on the Central Coast of California, the region in which we live, surf, skate, do business, and give back to the community with a range of FUN products and events.

Ferrell came to SLO Town, meet us skateboarding, then gotta root. She was inspired to write this:
How I Feel About My Rootamental Skateboard
Nothing is so sweet,
while I’m kroozin down the street,
As a root under my feet.
The long hard wood,
feels so good,
as if anything I want to do,
i could.
The rush of wind,
as I’m comming around the bend,
under my feet is my true best friend.
Faster and faster the wind blows my hair,
as I Krooze along with out a care,
even if i make a slide turn and my pants tear.
The SLO Garage at night
Is an amazing sight,
to see all the people skate around in the light.
It must have been fate,
when I found these Rad mates,
Because now i don’t go anywhere without my ROOTAMENTAL skate!
I love Rootametal Skateboards.
thank you and goodnight!
By: Ferrell Hapgood

At Rootmental Skateboards our focus is having FUN. We provide a Genuine product with Dynamic Performance and a Distinctive Local appeal. We benefit our Community by operating our business with social, economic, and environnmental Accountablity.

Rootamental Skateboards
It’s What We Ride Around Here.

Visit Skateboarder’s Journal

You have to try these wheels…you will be stoked.
Cambria 62mm Ruby Red.
They are perfect for Surf Sk18.
Just released Ruby Red 80a
These RAD wheels were made for use on boards for the Lords Of Dogtown movie,
they are very “Road-Rider’ish” in appearance. Made in the USA,
Cambria wheels are great quality, great looking and a great value,
especially when they come with ABEC5 bearing already in them only on rootamental.com

We also make clothing:
Inquire with comment

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