Trucks You Can Trust Since 1975

We’ve been using TRACKER TRUCKS with our boards since 1995 and we are stoked on their Heritage and authenticity(they have worked well for us).
Linda is great to work with too. She just sent me some TRACKER news & a message: “It’s been so much fun working here for 23 years….Tracker Larry Rocks! Happy Holidays!” The La Costa Boys Reunion was this weekend, and to no surprise, almost everyone was riding Trackers. This pic is of Tracker co-founders Dave Dominy and Larry Balma. They started Tracker in 1975! That’s right, 35 years coming up soon and we’ve got big things in the works.

Check this out~ La Costa Boys Reunion | Transworld Skateboarding

Here is a classic Tracker vid~
“Buddy Carr Interview Tracker Trucks Factory Tour”

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