April Fools SK8 JAM

April 10th and 11th of this year will be an unreal weekend of Skateboarding… Outlawranchproductions and Sk8kings is bringing you:


* 4 Man Downhill (Traditional)
* Super G (Single lane timed)
* 1 Man Downhill (Qualifier timed)


* Giant Slalom into Hair Pin of Death (Timed at the corner)
* Hair Pin of Death (Top speed challenge)
* The New Race: John Oshei and Jonny Miller have developed the “BOB SLED”… 3 man teams, you will be thrusted into the hill with the Banshee Bungee (Fastest time wins).

You pay to race… Toyland camping is free… Hang with the crew for VIP privileges…

Check this awesome weekend of skateboarding… save your change, mow a lawn, paint a fence, borrow it… Turri road cost a hell of a lot of money for two days… Don’t be a bum… Racers sign up and pay early for special treatment.

For April Fools Sk8 Jam info or to Sponsor Contact Miller

I will post the final rules with in a few weeks…

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