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Rootamental hand painted C+C WEDDING signs made from reclaimed materials found on the Moore compound.
IMG_0042 IMG_8507 IMG_8509

This is my favorite family and was the greatest honor to be included. Thank you Chad & Chelsea Moore.

Enjoy the love of the most beautiful #ahishells wedding (click on pics for slideshow):

Sout Pa’a

Rootamental’s San Luis Obispo Skate Products “SLO SK8 PRO” is humbled, grateful and proud that the most amazing Sign Artist around hand painted a SLO Deck to help us raise FUNds for community SK8NITE events we are planning.


Southpaw Sign Comapny’s “SOUT PA’A” Sean Beauchamp

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Ferrell Hapgood

About 30 years ago we started this concept skate night. Basically, we were hanging out and had to do something with the excess of energy young people have. At night there are a fraction of the cars on the road as the day so this opens up a whole new world of fun and physical expression thanks to the skateboard. Continue reading


IMG_20140927_110546_061Signs painted for LOVE.

Wedding sign making is fun.

It would be great to get more work like this,

stoking people on their special day.

Enjoy some images from the beautiful Justo & Lolo Bixler wedding.

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Chumash Sanctuary Identity by Rootamental

Chumash Sanctuary Identity by Rootamental view: CHNMS portfolio

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 4.10.32 PM

Please go to our website and show your support: Chumash Sanctuary to create a better future with out Diablo. Continue reading

Ocean Frontiers

Come enjoy the film OCEAN FRONTIERS at the SLO Grange
Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 07:15am – 09:30pm
by  bobbanner

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