Happy Earth Day
From Earth, Anvil, and Rootamental~those of us that care about her…

Earth Day was founded by grass roots groups and policy makers, forty years ago, in response to the environmental problems of the 60s. Proclaimed as a day to nurture neighbor and nature the first, less heard of, Earth Day took place on the first day of spring, March 20, 1970. Later the United Nations sanctioned that the first day of spring be recognized as Earth Day. To this day, each year, the tradition continues and the peace bell rings at the first moment of spring.

The second and most recognized Earth Day took place across America on April 22nd in 1970. Organized by grass roots volunteers and supported by government agencies, an estimated 20 million Americans gathered for rallies, teach-ins, speeches, and publicity gimmicks.
To countless participants, that first Earth Day was a turning point in their lives which they remember to this day with awe and reverence.

It will take a united, conscious, intentional effort by the people to create an “ecologically sound and economically prosperous” community. Share your message, cause, product or service that addresses the environment, our quality of life, the community or economy. Be an example of how this is working now and where it can go.

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