Respect going out to Mike D. We just got back from his show at the MOCA ~ DJ ZTripp f’d it up!
Check out:

Mike D was born Michael Louis Diamond in New York City in 1965. The artist, musician and producer co-founded punk band The Young Aborigines in 1979. Two years later the band changed its name to the Beastie Boys. The group has had one of the richest, most important careers in hip-hop and rock, introducing rap to a huge new audience and then pushing the frontiers of what a hip-hop group could do. In April 2012 the Beastie Boys receive their merited spot at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and can without a doubt be called one of the most important and avant-garde music groups of all times. Mike D is a creative mastermind in many different artistic fields and has an enormous impact on global pop culture. His vision and his network of outstanding people make him one of the most inspiring icons of post-modern society.


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