Road to SK8PRK

SLUG A SLO Movement Zine

Notice the BACON SKATEBOARDS phone number 805)549.9764 recognize it? Yep Rootamental’s number since 1993 thats because we were the founders: Scott, Joel, Ethan, & Orr back in the early 2000’s

We at Rootamental started working towards a SLO SK8 PRK since back in 2001/’02ish. In the second issue of SLUG …A SLO MOVEMENT ZINE #2 we interview Heidi the director of Skate Park Association-USA to find out “HOW DO WE GET A PERMANENT SKATEPARK IN OUR TOWN” Check out the image below for the complete how to list. 

This has worked for hundreds of kids and can work for you too! Take my word for it, now after over 10 years, we finally got the skatepark of our dreams. Make a petition for your town at the top put “(Name of Your Town/City), SkatePark Petition” then below “I support the creation of a permanent public skatepark in the (Name of Your Town/City)” Then add a personal note like “It’s time! our community undoubtedly warrants such a facility by having the largest skating contingency in the County?” Of course you need lines for people to sign: Name, Address, Signature” See image:


On the left: Step by step; How to get a skatepark in our town and on the right: “SLO SkatePark Petition”

Check out this 2015 SLO SK8 PRK Grand Opening video made by SarahBellums:

Enjoy Pro Vert Skater Legend Andy McDonald’s POV tour of our San Luis Obispo skatepark:

“Lights on til 10 PM” Please share and see you there!!