Building a visual brand for your cause? Here are 4 design tips to consider.
Learn how smart design can make a powerful impact for your organization.
by Jane St. John · October 26, 2020

While the mission will always come before marketing for nonprofits, advocacy groups, and other purpose-driven organizations, creating a visual brand is vital for anyone who needs to build an impactful online presence—even before you figure out how to promote your cause. While marketing is your interest-generating toolkit, think of branding as your overall approach to reaching your target audience. In a socially distanced world where most introductions are made online, it’s more important than ever for you to develop a digital presence that visually sets you apart from your competition and draws the attention of your most likely supporters. Continue reading

Signage Mistakes

Top 8 Mistakes Retailers Make When Ordering Signage

Because of its impact on customers’ experiences and your sales, signage plays a weighty role in your store. Signs can do wonders to your business, but they can also fall flat if you’re not careful. In my book, Signs Sell, I list four categories of signs that every store must have to be successful. Continue reading

Bringing it Home

Hemp-50000-Uses-and-Benefits-768x1024Hemp is a misunderstood plant with compelling benefits for healthy homes, food, farmers, job creation and our environment. Industrial hemp is non-psychoactive and grown in over thirty other nations but currently U.S. farmers are prohibited from this economic opportunity. BRINGING IT HOME’s filmmakers Linda Booker and Blaire Johnson animate hemp’s history and introduce us to business owners using industrial hemp for construction, textiles, nutrition, and body care products in the United States and around the globe. BRINGING IT HOME explores “Why aren’t we growing it here?” and the latest effort by advocates to legalize hemp farming in America. Learn more, support, sign up for news at
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