Rootamental wants to continue to contribute to our community and stoke people with SK8 NITE as a positive and healthy event. Ultimately, we would love for our community to come out and have FUN skateboarding with us. To get SK8 NITE rolling I asked some artists friends to hand paint an original “San Luis Obispo” deck to sell and raise funds to make SK8 NITE even more Rad by: getting people rollin, stickers, tees, music/movies and snacks maybe even bribe some pros to come skate with us. Contribute to those that support you and your community.

2015-02-17 20.27.50BIG Thanks to SUNDAY! aka Ty Hjortland if you skate on the central coast you’ve seen him. But you may not of known that the guy can throw down with a brush and paint too. Check out his “San Luis Obispo” deck. Let us know what you think? If enough people like it with his permission we will probably make some sticker with the graphic.   Continue reading



Ferrell Hapgood

About 30 years ago we started this concept skate night. Basically, we were hanging out and had to do something with the excess of energy young people have. At night there are a fraction of the cars on the road as the day so this opens up a whole new world of fun and physical expression thanks to the skateboard. Continue reading


The Story of Solutions explores how we can move our economy in a more sustainable and just direction, starting with orienting ourselves toward a new goal. Away from the perspective of “MORE” towards a focus on “BETTER”story-of-stuff Continue reading


surftheearthSurfing on Land or Water.

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People ask me: “Why do you wear the Jewish Star” or “Are you Jewish?”

hexasexaHEXAGONSYMBOLSThe six pointed star does not only represent Jewish identity; Star of David symbol.

It is used in historical, religious and cultural contexts, for example in Jewish identityHinduismOccultism and Islam.

HEXAgram or SEXAgram  is a six-pointed geometric star figure. It is the compound of two equilateral triangles. The intersection is a regular hexagon. Continue reading


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